About Doctors Outpatient Center for Surgery

At Doctors Outpatient Center for Surgery our Mission is to provide high quality ambulatory surgical service to our patients. We are a Physician owned and operated surgical center and proud to be accredited by the AAAHC. Our commitment is to focus on our patients needs and wants by providing them with unsurpassed quality and cost effective services.

Our Mission

To create a safe physical environment in preparation for the scheduled procedure, during the procedure and immediately following the procedure.

To provide an atmosphere of compassion and understanding with minimal stress and anxiety.

To function at high level of efficiency to accommodate the convenience of both the patient and physician.

To maintain that all information regarding patients are kept private and confidential.

To promote knowledge and skill of the Centers’ staff as a means of meeting technical and scientific progress in the delivery of health care and to be aware of new research, new products, and new ideas which may modify and improve present activities and procedures.

Our Goal

To ensure that all patients receive the highest quality care on a completely nondiscriminatory basis as to sex, race, color or national origin.

Our Objective

To assure that patients receive quality care and to insure that professional performance and conduct is displayed by the medical staff, clinical and non-clinical personnel through an ongoing, monitoring Quality Improvement Program through the above established mission and goal.

We are Doctor owned and operated.